Cross Platform Websites that work on desktop, laptop, iPad and iPhone

What We Do

We create a beautifully functional user
experience across multiple platforms to help
you develop a profitable business.

Ziggidy Creative is a small and passionate organization that plans, designs and builds world class websites
that help your business excel so that it can reach its full potential. Our creative team is currently comprised of three talented individuals (see below) that strive to constantly put their skills to the test and produce high quality products that our clients and the world can truly enjoy to use.

We believe that quality is not an act, but that it is a habit. With that being said, we look forward to building a strong relationship with you and your business. So take the first step to success and contact Ziggidy Creative today!

Meet The Team

We are a small but highly skilled group of individuals
trained in designing & building jaw dropping and highly functional websites
Check us out!

Zack Perdue

Zack Perdue


Weather you believe you can, or you cannot, either way, you are correct.

I’m an adventurous guy that enjoys surfing in the warm waters off the coast of Central Florida. I also enjoy staying fit and healthy by leading an active lifestyle. When I’m not out enjoying the beautiful weather I can be found inside developing exciting new websites for my amazing clients and learning new things. Thanks for reading this, and I look forward to working with you.

Josh Gary

Josh Gary


Design is like air, its not good if you don't get any.

Josh is an unbelievably talented & passionate graphic designer. He often dreams of making beautiful websites in his sleep. He believes that if you do what you enjoy, you’ll never work a day in your life. When he is not designing, he enjoys keeping up with the latest fashion trends. He is local to Atlanta, Georgia and is often marveled by the cities skyline. His favorite food is Macaroni and Cheese with Diced Turkey franks.